Eastern provincial election soon:


9th September  2012

By P.V. Sri Rangan

Why did I turn to the issue of politics? I used to think just like many other citizens that politics is a boring business, and anyway I can not influence. But then I got information that made me aware and I began to self-investigate. What I found out it is scandalous.
Anyway, the more I am venturing into this field, the more exciting it became. The tamils_politics is a dirty business, where lies and corruption are commonplace, that actually know most people in Sri Lanka. Therefore it is all the more shocking that there are still so many people participating in this game wrong by supporting the system. You have certainly experienced many times that grandiose announcements were made in anticipation of elections, from which the corresponding politicians after the elections, as then strangely not want to know much. And yet there are still many citizens go to the polls, in the hope that the situation would improve. But, as might be expected, it always follows the same pattern.
How is this done?
An essential part is the so-called controversy, a special language. This stand has only the task of politicians from ordinary citizens, the unworthy Mobb, and as much to say as little as possible with content, what then should still be unclear. Not infrequently, the key messages of 10-minute speech gushes on two sets with a specific statement must be reduced. But this is only suitable hollow ramblings feign volume and content. Much worse, however, is the introduction of words or statements that are actually  empty words because there are words or statements that do not exist!
Such nonsense is in statements of M.R. Stalin Gnanam, Pillaiyan order of the day and if we citizens hear this often enough, then it falls to us to hardly yet. Often used is the weakening or gradation of terms that are not gradable. A Little War does not sound as brutal as war. No ifs and buts
But this is to see through some practice yet. It becomes more problematic then even more complex statements that are not see through immediately. Willingly abused as is any form of solidarity.
But that is only part of the disaster in which we find ourselves. If they think that only the system needs to be improved in order to improve the situation, then they have another thing coming.
A wrong system can not be improved, but it must be replaced by another!!
The system of democracy is a fraud system. What most people think of when they hear the term democracy? Think of freedom, human dignity and so on. But what our real democracy is, indeed?


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